Impact of Demographic Change in Thailand: Interesting Book, 2011

Impact of Demographic  Change in Thailand, it is interesting book from United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), Country Office in Thailand.  UNPF produced its contents into 2  languages, in Thai and English. Tables and figures are also displayed in this book.

Impact of demographic change in Thailand

Impact of demographic change in Thailand

There are 7 chapters in this book which mentioned about;

Chap 1, Tacking demographic changes in Thailand and policy implications
Chap 2, Fertility transition and its impact
Chap 3, Impact of change on well-being of elderly in Thailand
Chap 4, Demographic and health transition: health systems challenges and future   direction
Chap 5, Economic impact and human capital
Chap 6, Urbanization and migration impact
Chap 7, Policy implications of Thailand’s population trends.

It is now available at the College library.  Enjoy reading!

About cphslib

I am a librarian at the College of Public Health Science, Chulalongkorn University
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